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Kung Fu Panda World


Kung Fu Panda World is a site that you can unlock your true power and engage in a variety of activities: chat with friends, play games, get a pet or explore the world. Kids choose everything they want to do! You can get a house a decorate it, challenge your friends in Kung Fu Face Off, have a dance competition in Kung Fu Beats, or just dress up your avatar and explore Po’s world. You can also practice your own style of Kung Fu – Monkey Style, Panda Style, Tiger Style – it’s all up to you!


Kung Fu Animal Styles

- Panda: Deceptively skilled kung fu masters, Pandas have impressive abilities that are matched only by their impressive appetites! Whether they’re throwing dumplings or eating them, Pnadas are a kunf fu fighting force to be reckoned with!
- Monkey: Acrobatic, quick, and often unpredictable, monkey warriors are known for using their hands, feet and tail to stun their opponents from all sides at the same time. Yet they also have a mischievous, but good natured personality.
- Tiger: Tiger are among the strongest and bravest warriors in Kung Fu Panda World. They use their speed and agility to quickly defeat their opponents, while always staying true to their honor by never using their claws during a fight.


A variety of games in Kung Fu Panda World, each will put your kung fu focus, reflexes, and wisdom to the test. You’ll dash, jump, catch, dodge, outwit & spar your way through dozens of games as you score points and collect valuable items on your awesome journey.

Garden Party


Garden Party is an interactive world for kids set in a beautiful natural environment. The idea is to ‘Grow your own Fun’ – which is essentially what you do. Using your own personalized Gardener, players can then take part in a variety of activities and games, in a group, on their own or against other gardeners in order to earn orbs, it is with these orbs that seeds can be bought. Grow those seeds in your garden and they grow into a spectacular array of accessories and objects which can be used within Garden Party.

Garden Party is full of fun activities and games which players can take part in individually, in a team, or even against one another. By taking part in the various activities, you get rewarded by earning orbs. With orbs, you can visit the Buzz Market, mingle with your friends, and compare items, you can then even buy and sell special or rare ones.

As you set out on your adventure around Garden Party World, you begin in Timber Town, the friendly hub of the world. From here there are many places to go on to: Lazy Lagoon, Jungle Falls, Buzz Market, the disco, and your very own garden! But first, check out that juicy looking tomato! Tomatoes can be good and bad: good ones give you orbs, but the bad ones can get stuck to your head. Uh oh! A countdown has begun! Find another player and run over to them and pass them the tomato. The one who has the tomato on their head when it explodes will lose some of their orbs!

Garden Party – How to Plant/Get Items!


Two options are possible upon sign up, regular chat, and safe chat which limits your speech to pre-set messages.


Gardeners can express their emotions by choosing different emoticons, from a happy face, or the winking face or even the king face!


Visiting the shop, it is clear how much there is to purchase with your hard earned orbs. You can buy accessories for your avatar; you can also buy pets or furniture for your tree-house, along with different backgrounds or foliage for your tree-house. Buying certain outfits in the shop will allow you to take part in certain games or activities that you would otherwise be unable to take part in.


There are a large variety of games to be played within GardenParty such as : Fishing, dancing, conkers, rock paper scissors, flying – to mention a few. What’s more, to being the community closer and to make it even friendlier, there are hourly quizzes and games hosted by our friendly and popular moderators.

Buzz Market

Gardeners can sell or trade items for orbs or even for swap for other items. Rare items often appear in GardenParty, particularly at parties or events and are extremely sought after. This is when a high price is often offered, or a range of less exclusive items may be swapped for one highly sought after item.


Gardeners have the opportunity to gain Gardener of the Month status – this goes to the best Gardeners each month who show the best attitude, have great gardens and tree-houses and generally are really helpful. Becoming GOTM entitles the winner to receive an exclusive ‘Ranger’ hat which has become extremely prestigious within GardenParty with many Gardeners making huge amounts of effort in order to be in with a chance of winning.