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World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Approved By GAPP In Mainland China

Beijing Time Afternoon February 12, China’s Press and Publication Administration issued a notice published in the latest notice board saying “The General Administration of Press and Publication has already approved the examination and approval for Netease company’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game “World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade,” , and allows operations in mainland China. ” Since the approval of this application submitted to the adoption of only a very short period of time.

The relevant game information will be added in the game soon.

China Game Industry Annual Summit 2009 At DaLian

This game summit is jointly hosted by the China Game Publisher Acciciation and Game Working Committee.

Press and Publication Administration countersignature Sun Shoushan, Press and Publication Administration figures Chang and Technology Division, Press and Publication Administration figures Kou Xiaowei, deputy director of science and technology department, engineering department the letter, the CYL Central Committee and Dalian to host the leaders will attend the relevant speech. At the same time, from Tencent, Shanda, giant, perfect time and space, Jinshan and other online games business executives will also be carried out on the topic.

As the game industry, one of the most influential of the General Assembly, this conference a “new leap forward new responsibilities to the new decade,” as the theme, the invitation to the leadership of relevant ministries and corporate executives, to explore the status quo and future of the gaming industry.

This meeting, January 20 -21 on a two-day game is full graphics Sina live the forum.

War Of Legends Rookie Must-Know Help, Guide and Walkthrough

War Of Legends will be the most promising browser MMORTS in 2010, this is official help, guide and walkthough that help newbie get started on the game quickly.


What kind of ruler wouldn’t have their own private army? Legends are amazing warriors but even they would struggle against a 1000 archers! In War of Legends you’ll need to build and assign troops to each of your legends in order to achieve victory in the battles ahead.

Before you can construct your armies, you will have to build a Garrison in your city.
Troop types

You can use your garrison to train four different types of unit. Each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses against each other. Not all types will be available to start with, and you’ll have to match each unit type’s requirements before you can train them.

* Halberdier – this is the starting unit that you will be able to train. Halberdiers aren’t as strong as other types, but can be constructed quickly and Legends can lead large numbers into battle to overwhelm smaller armies. The Halberdier is slightly stronger than normal against Charioteers.
* Swordsmen – these are generally stronger than Halberdiers, but require more resources to train. Swordsmen are stronger against Archers, and their tougher armour makes them that bit more resilient in combat.
* Archers – this unit is strong against Halberdiers, however training Archers does use up a lot of resources such as wood and food. Archers also have a special ability in that they strike first in any battle. In large numbers they can defeat their opponents before they’ve even had a chance to attack!
* Charioteers – these are the strongest unit in the game, and are simply awesome in battle! They specialise against swordsmen. Legends can only lead small numbers at a time, and you will need a large population to train them, but once they charge you’ll know it was worth it.

Army Management

In order to assign troops to a Legend’s command, you will need a Parade Ground. Once your parade ground is constructed and you’ve trained some units, you can click on the Parade Ground from the City View, and then select ‘Assign’ near the bottom right of the interface to take you to the troop assignment interface. From here you can select your Legend to command from the left hand side, then which troop type they are going to lead, and then how many units from those available they will control.

Tip: Remember to leave a Legend with some troops behind in each city to defend from marauding players!


A thriving city needs a variety of establishments to keep it going strong. Every War of Legends building has a role to play in keeping your city safe and your citizens happy. In the city view, click on an empty tile to open the buildings interface. Here you will see a list of all the available buildings. Those that you can build will have a green button next to them, while you will see a grey button next to a building if you have not met the requirements to create it.

Constructing buildings consumes resources, and they all take time to be completed. Move your mouse over the green or grey button next to each building to see how many resources you need to create or upgrade it, as well as information on how long it will take to construct. Click on a completed building in the city view to open its interface; you will see buttons in the top right-hand corner that allow you to upgrade, downgrade or demolish the building. Downgrading or demolishing frees up resources and/or space, while upgrading makes the building more useful than before. Like construction, upgrading a building requires resources and time; high level upgrades can take many hours to complete.

If you’re in a hurry, you can use certain artefacts to speed up the construction or upgrading of your buildings.


Once you have built your university, you will be able to research a variety of skills that will help you develop your city, your army and your legends. To start researching a skill, simply open the university interface and decide which skill you need to develop. Click on the green ying yang button next to your chosen skill to begin the research. If the ying yang button is not green, this means that you cannot research that subject until you have either collected enough resources, researched a related skill or upgraded a particular building; hover your mouse over the button to see what needs to be done. You can use certain artefacts to speed up the research process.

Researching a skill is paid for with gold and resources, and the required amounts of each increase with the level of research. You will need to upgrade your university to research higher levels of skills, and improving your skills can have a significant impact on your resource production, construction speed and army skills, among other things.


There are four key resources in War of Legends, and each resource is vital to production, learning and growth:

Food – building cropland outside your palace will allow your population to harvest grain to keep both civilians and military well fed

Timber – timber mills produce this essential building material

Stone – building a quarry means that your city will gather stone to keep its defences strong and its enemies out

Copper – this resource is vital to your military, so make sure your population is kept busy in your copper mines
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Managing Your Resources

You can increase your resource production by:

* Upgrading resource units;
* Using items that you can either collect or purchase from the shop;
* Training skills in the university;
* Completing tasks and collecting rewards;
* Invading other players’ cities;
* Occupying wildlands.


There are three view buttons at the top of the game screen. The first button takes you to the city view, the second to your resources, and the third takes you to a view of the area around your city. This area is filled with wildlands, a variety of landscapes that can be conquered and explored.

Each wildland has a level, and the higher the level, the tougher the troops and legends guarding the wildland. You can send one or more armies, led by legends, to a wildland of your choice. Higher level wildlands will require you to send large amounts of troops and experienced legends to ensure victory. Each wildland presents you with a number of options:

* Invade – if your army is victorious, your troops will win resources and return to the city.
* Occupy – if your army is victorious, your troops will be stationed in the wildland, and you will continually benefit from any resource bonus.
* Spy – you can choose to spy on a wildland to find out more about it.
* Search & explore – when occupying a wildland, you can decide to spend some time searching for legends, or exploring in the hope of finding treasure. The longer you spend searching or exploring, the greater your chance of success.
* Dispatch – you can send more troops to the wildland.
* Check – you can view the troops that are stationed at the wildland and choose to send them back to your city if required.
* Practise – when occupying a wildland, you can choose to practise, and improve the skills and experience of your army.

Each wildland is occupied by an enemy army, and if your legend defeats them in battle, you will gain reputation and experience, and you also have a chance to gain resources and legends. The resource bonus for each wildland varies depending on its level. To pacify a captured legend and persuade them to join your cause, you can give them a reward of gold or jewels that may increase their loyalty.

Being a member of an alliance will open many game opportunities for you and your Legends. New Tasks with new rewards will become available, and you will be able to battle forward alongside your friends to vanquish your enemies and achieve great riches.

The Alliance menu button can be found at the bottom-centre of the screen.
Alliance Basics
Create an Alliance

Requirements: You must not be in alliance already. You must have an Ally Base of at least level 2. You must be able to pay 20,000 gold for the alliance creation.

1. On the alliance menu, click on ‘Create’.
2. Choose Zhou or Shang Dynasty alliance and type in a unique Alliance name.

That’s it! You will now be the prestigious leader of your very own alliance. Now you may wish to invite people to your Alliance so you can become vast and mighty.
Apply to an Alliance

Requirements: You must not be in alliance already. You must have an Ally Base of at least level 1. Joining an alliance will not cost anything.

1. On the Alliance menu, click the ‘Apply’ button.
2. Click on, or search for the Alliance you wish to join. The name is case sensitive.
3. Click ‘Apply’ when you have chosen your Alliance.
4. The name of the Alliance you are applying to will now be displayed on your Alliance menu until it is Passed or Deleted by that Alliance.

Leader of alliances will need to Pass or Delete the application using the buttons on the Manage menu for the process to complete.
Invite Members to your Alliance

To invite a player into your Alliance, you must either be the Leader, or have the appropriate Role. Under the Manage page of the Alliance menu, click on ‘Invite’ and then type in the name of the player you wish to invite (case sensitive).

Invited players will be able to see their invites in the Alliance menu. To accept an invite, select the invite, and then press the green ‘Join ’ button at the bottom right of the screen.
Leaving an Alliance

If for any reason you wish to leave an Alliance, you can do this on the Manage page of the Alliance menu by clicking ‘Withdraw’.

If you are the Leader of the Alliance you wish to leave, you must first either transfer Leadership to another member, or remove all members from the Alliance.
Remove Members from an Alliance

Alliance Leaders, and those with a high enough Role , can remove members from the Alliance on the Member page on the Alliance menu. Select the member in question, and then click the ‘-‘ button on the bottom right of the screen.
Member Roles.

Alliance members can be given different Roles to give certain abilities and privileges within the Alliance. Alliance Leaders, and those with a high enough Role, can promote other users to new Roles depending on the level of the alliance. To do this, go to the Member page on the Alliance menu. Select the player you wish to promote and then choose the Role from the drop down box. Press the tick button to save the changes.

Each member’s Role is displayed by their name on the Member page. You can also see the responsibilities that come with each role on the Manage page by clicking the ‘Rights’ button.
Level up your Alliance

Levelling up your Alliance will allow your more room for expansion and open up new bonuses for you and your fellow members. To see what benefit you will get for the next level of your alliance, Leaders can click the ‘Upgrade’ button on the Int. Affairs page.

Each Alliance level may cost different amount of gold, JCredits, members and reputation. This will be displayed on the Int. Affairs page available for all members to see. Once you have the resources available to level up, the Leader can start the levelling process on the Int. Affairs page by clicking ‘Upgrade’.
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Alliance Menu
Information Page

The Information Page shows an overview of your Alliance. Here you can check on the Alliance level, owner, name, cities, member count etc.

Leaders can update what is shown in the Information and Announcement areas by going to the Manage page and clicking Intro.
Member Page.

Here you can find a summary of the Alliance members, their Roles, Reputation and Online Status. You can find more detailed information about each member by selecting their name and clicking check.

This page is also where Leaders can promote members to different Roles and remove members from the Alliance.
Manage Page

* Dismiss – This will dismiss the selected Alliance application. Only applicable with a high enough Role.
* Rights – Shows your Role and associated privileges.
* Withdraw – Will remove you from the Alliance.

Available to Leaders only

* Invite – Invite players to the Alliance.
* Intro – Edit the Introduction and Announcement in the Alliance overview.
* Message – Send a message to all members of the Alliance.
* Diplomacy – Foreign affair reports.
* Transfer – Surrender your Leadership Role to another member.

Warfare Page

Here you can view reports from Alliance battles between cities and members, containing information about what was won/lost in each battle.
Events Page

The Events page shows logs of the Alliance changes, such as membership and Role changes.
Int. Affairs Page

Internal affairs shows the status and changes to the Alliances central fund and expenses. Here, the Leader can manage the revenue, research and dividends for the Alliance.

* Donations – Allows members to donate gold or JCredits to the Alliance.
* Revenue – Logs the incoming finance of the Alliance.
* Expenses – Logs the outgoing finance of the Alliance.
* Member History – shows all contributions given by selected Alliance member.

Available to Leaders only

* Upgrade –Levels up the Alliance.
* Dividends – Management of dividends an monthly bonuses.
* Research –Manage the Alliance’s research.

Items Page

Shows management for items and apparatus that can be produced.
Friends Menu

The Frends menu allows you to add other players to either a friends or blacklist. Blacklisted players will not be able to contact you, so make sure you only add people to it when you do not wish for their in-game messages to get to you.

Tasks are a great way to explore more about the game and get all sorts of rewards. You could quickly improve your reputation, find treasure, gain troops or recruit Legends by completing different challenges. Tasks are suitable for all level players, and as you complete them, more will become available.

The tasks menu can be accessed by clicking on ‘Task’ in the top right corner. To begin a task, read the task name and description. You will find instructions for how to complete the task, as well as a list of objectives and rewards. As you follow the instructions and complete the objectives, they will turn green. As soon as all of the objectives have been completed, you will be able to click on ‘receive’ to have the reward sent to your inventory.
Novice Tasks

Novice tasks are a great place to start for War of Legends newcomers. As well as stepping through many of the game features and controls, by the time you have completed them, your city will be taking shape and your resources will be mounting up. You should then be confident with the basics of gameplay, and can try some of the more advanced tasks.
Daily Tasks

Daily tasks allow you to complete new objectives each day. There are also tasks for growth, practise, crusade, legends, alliance, destiny and territory. As the difficulty of the tasks increases, as will the value of the reward! Some tasks types can be epic, so be sure to be prepared if you want to complete them all.