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45 Free Browser MMO Games Best in 2010

2009 was something of a productive year for free to play browser games, and there are a great number of impressive browser-based MMORPG titles out there that use the flash, Java and Unity 3D engine. But are there 2010 free browser MMOs that are equivalent to the titanic success of Evony? Which hot franchises or titles will charge forward up to fill the spaces left by Evony, Empire Craft and Three Kingdoms Online?  We’ve researched and explored some popular browser game sites and picked out the most promising online browser games for the 2010 year.

1, BC Wars

BC Wars is a prehistoric Browser MMORPG that is first web browser gaming experience in the prehistoric ages. You start as a caveman minds his or her own business picking berries and hunting. BC Wars was first developed in 2008 and published globally by BC Wars & GoldFire Studios, Inc. in 2010.

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BC Wars features Tribal War, PVP Battle, PVE System and Jackpot, Real Cash Economy, and trading market.
2, Business Tycoon Online

Business Tycoon Online is the first Chinese Business Economy simulation game, also the most the successful browser game in China’s gaming history. In January 18, 2010, the game hit the closed beta of English version in North America and Europe. Business Tycoon Online was published by dovogame.

In BTO, you can building your city, store, company, set up your board and lead your employee to a success path. Featuring Male and Female Secretaries, real life simulation, and entrepreneur system, you will know real Chinese economy how it works.

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3, Heroes of Kung Fu

Developed by 9wee.com and published by Webmmo.com, Heroes of Kung Fu is the most successful browser RPG in the theme of Kung Fu, ShaoLin Master, Martial Arts. By using Chinese ancient real characters and kingdoms, the game brings back the ancient Chinese culture while embodying the real browser RPG with fun, interactive, and supremacy.

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4, Thresh Wars

In the wake of 2d browser games, we neglected to pick the amazing 3D model browser game. Despite its homepage meaning delivery,  Thresh Wars still keep low-profile in the web internet. The developers said the game is totally free, but it is sheerly fun and worth playing with best tactics, and console game quality, and flash-based technology.

Thresh Wars is a sci-fi browser strategy game quietly released in 2010.

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5, War of Legends

War of Legends is a browser strategy game (MMORTS) developed by Chinese folks while published by the most famous UK-based game studios- Jagex. The game is similar to Warrior Legends, Three Kingdoms Online, The Wars and etc, while the game is being applied into flash technology, not like the Runescape using Java.

In War of Legends, you can choose Monk, Seer, and Warrior to develop your city, fight. The game loading speed is very laggy, especially when building, training, but the gameplay is not bad.

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6, Grepolis

Grepolis German Version has been released in 2009, while most of NA players want to play this medieval-themed game in English environment. By player’s demand, the team localized the game in 2010 and released its open beta of English Grepolis.

Grepolis is InnoGames’s third browser based game. In Grepolis, the developers of Tribal Wars and The West invite their users to a journey in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, Ulysses and the beautiful Helene.

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7, TransForce

TransForce was released early 2010, shortly after beta release, it made an impressive achievements. Promptly, the team brings the game in the Facebook application.

The game is based on the most famous film- The Transformers where players can choose either Deception or Autobots. It is really fun game. In TransForce, you can challenge players, explore the environment around, upgrade your buildings, and level up your heroes, claim daily bonus, unlock the achievements and complete the quests like Bounty hunting, the wanted, and expedition.

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8, Wewaii

Wewaii is a German multiplayer online browser-based simulation game developed by Travian Games. The german version has been relassed in 2009 and the English version was just launched early 2010 in Asia.

Upon registering an account, you play as a hotel manager, build a hotel and advertise it.  Based on customer satisfaction, the player gains experience points and shells. Shells are the currency used in the game.  Interaction with other players is limited to talking to them using the chat function, sending them a postcard in-game (with the option of attaching a treasure chest or fireworks to it) and leaving entries in their guestbook.

9The Wars

“The War” is a free browser game with no installation. The background is set in Three Kingdoms Period with a constellation of heroes standing out and endless war and conflicts.

Like Three Kingdoms Online, the game just changed its name and its computer language. It is totally the same.

10 Athosia

Athosia is a fantasy MMORPG set in the web browser that is still under development. The game is expected to confirm its first beta edition at the end of Feb or early March.

Following the Evony’s success, Athosia also set it in the flash browser game rank, but with more features integrated.  Although the game startup only has 10 working staff, the team as a whole has much experience in this field thanks to the team leader’s move from Evony to Athosia.

11 Lord of Ultima

EA’s project is always attracting hordes of eyeballs. In 2010, EA’s German studio dedicated to producing browser game for EA’s headquarter released its Medievel beta game- Lord of Ultima. No matter the Tiger Woods Online or Lord of Ultima, every game of EA is  a unique example for the future game development.

At the moment, Lord of Ultima is at the limited beta key giveaway stage, so you may not login the game without the activation code.

12 Dream World

Dream World is a rich multiplayer universe, an online role playing game (RPG) originally developed and played by thousands of players between 2002 and 2004. It has now been redesigned and adapted to be a social game for FaceBook and other networks.

Unlike majority of RPGs you find on FaceBook and other social networks, Dream World is a much deeper experience similar to traditional RPGs, but simple designs and short tutorials that will allow any computer user to learn and play. Your main goal in the game is to save the Dream World from its ultimate destruction, and become stronger and well respected in the process.

13, Age of Ocean

Age of Ocean is a free online strategy game set on the vast seas. The game is developed using flash, featuring huge battlefield and massive trading system. You can establish a guild and team up with your members to battle and trade. Or be a pirate captain to gain dominance over the land and sea.

14 Canaan Online

Canaan is an online world, free to play browser-based mmo, where you can adventure with your friends.  Want to explore a dungeon, capture powerful pets and train them up, craft items for yourself or to sell or join a guild and make new friends? You can do any of these things in Canaan.

15 Crown of Byzantus

Crown of Byzantus is a Free to Play Massively Multiplayer Browser Game of gallant knights and a struggle for the crown of an Empire. Players must raise armies, hoard treasure and relics and build up their reputation through adventures and perilous quests.

16 Immortal empire

Immortal Empire is a multiplayer strategy RPG that is played in your web browser. No download or install is required. Play as an immortal in the expansive realm of Alvedor, and unravel the secrets of the mysterious Empire.

17 Deathend

Deathend is a completely free to play browser game. You can explore countless, exciting adventures, thousands of items and, of course, the possibility to form a team to survive in the dark world. Fight PvP challenges against your opponents, to prove your dominance also in the post-nuclear future.

18 Interstellar Marines

Interstellar Marines is a trilogy of three games, a high quality first person shooter experienced in a realistic and unpredictable future where first contact with another sentient species is slowly becoming reality. The games balance the military realism and cooperative action from tactical shooters with the character development and narrative depth from Role Playing Games.

19 Lords Online

Lords Online is IGG’s free to play browser game inspired by Evony. The game currently has numerous bugs, but the team never gave up advertising its game and fixing the bugs. Hopefully Lords Online could fix as many bugs as and bring players a bug-free gaming world.

20 weblords

WebLords is a free-to-play browser-based MMO that enables players to take control of any website they like and amass armies to battle other players for dominion over the web. Players create a hero character (the WebLord) and construct their armies from various fantastical beasts like trolls and dragons. Each website the player has control over will yield resources that will help them grow their empire.

21 Brave Arms

Brave Arms is a video game in close beta for the PlayStation 3 by Namco. It contains elements of close combat and suspense as the protagonist fights against an oppressive regime in revolt in the year 2025. It’s the “social shooter” for your and your friends to play on Facebook.

22 Treasures of Deepire

Treasures of Deepire is a beautifully crafted RPG in pirate. The online game has gone a few days ago online and still offers plenty of room for raids. For supporters of healthy sailor culture is a must.

23 World of Lordcraft

World of Lordcraft is a free online Strategy Browser Based webgame where you can create an invincible military empire.  Like WoW’s game concept, World Of Lordcraft is expected to be the combination of WOW RPG and EVONY Strategy.

24, Glitch

Glitch, a Flash-based MMO from the Flickr Guys,  is a blissful 2D flash-based MMO that’s playable from your browser. The game looks pretty interesting in all its side-scrolling glory. In this world, you get to explore the minds of eleven great giants on a barren asteroid who sing and think and hum the world into existence.

25, Maiden Desmodus

Maiden Desmodus is a flash-based browser RPG published by The Binary Forge. Unlike graphical games which leave little to the imagination, text-based gaming allows a level of immersion not found in other platforms. The enviroment of Maiden Desmodus is much like an interactive fantasy adventure novel in which your character can move freely between chapters. Our descriptive interactive environment is continuous and persistent, which means that your actions, or inaction, can directly affect the plot and lives of fellow players.

To be continued!


Lords Online Huge Add-ons Released

The Lords Online Closed-beta Test has been open for almost a week now and it’s getting rave reviews. To add to the general feeling of wow, the IGG team has released a brand new add-on to the Closed-beta version. This update includes the unique troop formation attack, improved effect bonuses and spells, and many more quality enhancements. It will be the biggest add-on since its alpha test.

1.    Alliance Technology
It is very important to be able to effectively transfer resources into military power. In the game, players have to choose which alliance to join. The alliance leader levels up the technologies for the other alliance members, and then each member will receive the appropriate bonus. Of course, members are still responsible for donating a certain amount of resources required to upgrade their alliance technologies. Included in the alliance tech are functions which can increase resource production, troop transportation, business transportation, the speed of army training and many others besides. Time is always of the essence, especially on the battle field. Players can take advantage of time saved by resource production, army training etc to make pre-emptive strikes on their enemies, greatly increasing the chances of victory.

2.    Troop Formation Attack
It is a new function included to Lords Online Closed Beta version. As a turn-based SLG game, the Lords Online battlefield is divided into many grids with each military unit taking a grid. In each round one Lord is required to take action, and then the opposing side will retaliate. In this turn about manner opposing sides must wait to see how their enemies react and then act upon it accordingly. Almost like a game of chess in that you must not only plan for your next step but also think several moves ahead.

With this new function, players can freely distribute their troops in specified formations to gain even more powerful attacks. For example, under an attack, 200 of your Infantry units will be killed if you place all 1000 of them in a single grid. However, if you split your troops into one grid of 999 and another of 1 unit, the single unit can help absorb the attack and reduce casaulties. This feature will introduce more tactical and strategy elements into the game, so that battle will be much more than merely a test of military size.

3.    Bonus Effect
A hero’s skills are able to give bonuses to the army that he fights for. In the previous AT version the effect of this bonus could only be viewed on the hero interface. But now with the CB modifications, it can also be displayed on the expedition interface. So now players can clearly see their heroes?skills and description which will help them be able to put far more realistic strategies into play.

4.    The Effect of Spells
Lords Online features a controllable combat and high-quality animation effect. This is especially noticeable in the CB version; where they have once again improved the spell display to make the game more impressive and captivating. For example, the Lighting Strike effect is now with sound effect and becomes more vivid and realistic.

About Lords Online
Lords Online is a browser-based game with the classic combination of RPG and SLG elements. Lords Online sets itself apart from other similar games by allowing players to take command of their own battles and fights down to the tiniest detail.  This brings a new level of realism never seen before in RPG web based games. In Lords Online players will experience how to work their way up the rungs from a lowly castle owner all the way up to becoming a mighty unstoppable Lord! Aimed at giving free time amusement, Lords Online can be totally controlled with a mouse. So, it’s super easy to get started and get into!

Browser Game Canaan online Coming On March 15, 2010

The name Canaan is mentioned frequently in the Bible, but Canaan here means a Free manga-style Flash MMORPG taht will be developed by XPEC ENTERTAINMENT, INC.  and published by GALA NETWORKS EUROPE LTD.

Canaan Online is originally published in China, but Gpotato found it promising in the North American, and European Market, so they bought the license and had prepared themselves to localize and publish it globally.

According to the official statement, Canaan Online will be published in Early 2010, but no details has been disclosed since the first PR news.

Today, I got a piece of  inside news that Canaan Online will be released in March 15, 2010, but I don’t expect the game will be made available for open beta too soon, though it goes public sooner or later.

The reason why I argue over the delay of Canaan Online availability is : first, Canaan online is a Chinese version MMORPG, so the translators need to consider many factors when devoting them into Chinese characters. Second, Canaan Online will be published by Gala Network. As everybody knows, Gala has many Online MMORPG published already, which are more promising in terms of graphics, gameplay, profitability and operation. Third, In the new year 2010, Gala Network has more new games to be published, they have already known the browser game is not top priority from its Castle of Heroes, which is also a browser game.