Productive time On China’s 2d MMO Gaming Market

Purgatory Online

“Purgatory online is 2 D MMORPG set in action and Diablo’s elements. Well, this seems very werid because there are many developers begin to copy and deepen the Diablo. According to inside resources, the game has been invested 10 million capital with three years possible.  Exquisite gorgeous 3D game screen, cool music, and majestic building as may it have, the game still has a lot of shortages.

Fantasy Knight

Fantasy Knight is a casual cute MMORPG set in adventure style. Featuring Chinese mythology, fairy tales, and fantasy novel adaptation, the game is no longer a symbol of boredom, but a fun casual world.  With respect to the ingame graphics, the game is much like south Korean casual style mmorpg, that is true, the game is based on south Korean mmorpg theme, but an improved version. As I reviewed, I prefer to compare Fantasy Knight with Dragonica Online.

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