Business Tycoon Online Beta Key Giveaway (Limited Edition)

SoftMMO.COM and DovoGame teamed up to give away 500 beta keys for the most popular browser game– Business Tycoon Online–You will have an entrepreneur role to play and ultimately become a super business tycoon in the world and go down in history.

Business Tycoon Online is hailed as one of the most favorable web browser games in China.  In 2009 alone, the game scored over 1 million online players concurrently and thus today the developers Dovogame has officially told that they have the release date on January 18. In Business Tycoon Online, you can do whatever you want just like in the real world, you can hire a girl as your aide, and recruit employees to expand your company.

Please follow this link to get the closed beta key to access the game and be the first closed beta tester.

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