Raiderz Online Official Website Available

Neowiz Games today announced that the upcoming MMORPG Raiderz Online got a new website, along with a new gameplay trailer featuring 10 kinds of bosses in the game.

- Teaser site, the game features over Twitter, bosses, etc. Tests for informational Games

While only some of the screenshots is open to many RPG jaahnaen users’ questions “Ray Brothers,> with a teaser site, I finally released it will look.

“Ray Brothers> In the vast field, the so-called epic battle with monsters, called by many bosses to experience the real action Neowiz Games is anticipated MMORPG of the future.

Latest tijeosa the epic monster destroying the first screen and start intense “Ray Brothers> unique features were designed to feel intact.

In particular, many Epic maepdeului spectacular views and the most thrilling fight between the monsters and characters look into the engine through a self-developed “Ray Brothers> can check the high graphic quality, and are exposed to the actual game looks epic monster Tests for still capture, a legend, a closer look at cars that can be marked exotic drink page is also available.

In addition, typical features of the game will be an adventure in the region and the future of games, images, and details about the materials to be found.

Teaser Site Open and the latest PC and a private pilot test with (CBT) to provide dangcheomgwon is a quiz event will be held.

Meanwhile, with a teaser site “Ray Brothers> Twitter ( is also open. Service schedule and event information via Twitter, and quickly passed and the opinions of users is expected to converge forward, the future of CBT schedule SMS to be sent to the services provided

Neowiz Games jounghui manager, “” Ray Brothers> Could you encourage a lot of resolve questions of the user to let them open the teaser site, “said,” it continued through a variety of information request to express high expectations are you will continue to disclose, “he said .

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