Free to play MMORPG Dragon Nest and Vindictus Due in 2011

At the GDC 2010, Nexon said they have plans to release the two most anticipated yet Korean MMORPG Dragon Nest and Vindictus in 2011. Featuring, console quality graphics, fast-paced action adventure, high interactiveness, Dragon Nest has been spoke highly by South Korean players.


Dynamic Combat

- No monotonous “click and wait” combat here!
Experience thrilling combination and chain attacks for intense, non-stop action

Intuitive yet Engaging Game Play

- Though totally immersive, Dragon Nest employs clear goals and intuitive, convenient controls that encourage a wide range of players to become fully engated in the action and further enjoy their online gaming experience

Unique Maps and Play Styles

- DRagon Nest dungeons change at random and monsters spawn indiscriminately, forcing players to stay on their toes as they expore Lagendia, engage in guild vs. guild territory wars or even morph into dragons themselves to fight with the mightiest of the Chosen Ones and protect the sacred territories

Flexible Proprietary Technology

- Dragon Nest boasts the proprietary, fully optimized “Eternity Engine,” which provides artful, premium graphics with low system requirements that allows for thousands of players to be simultaneously online in the Lemuria world

Experienced Team

- Dragon Nest was created by an extremely talented development team consisting of veterans who have worked on the Kingdom Under Fire series, N3: Ninety Nine Nights and Huxley

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