Animal Warriors Online closed beta available in South Korea

South Korea-based M Game today announced that the animal warriors, a casual online game developed by blue-i soft has entered the first closed beta testing, which lasts 4 days in all. According to the official announcement.

This is the first mmorpg project that is hosted by blue-i soft. Featuring 2d Side scrolling action adventure, the game has 24 cute animal characters to role play. Most features of the game has reflected the actual characteristics of animals, “animal skills” and “emergency operations system,” “the ultimate body transformation skill,” and so on.

What is Most remarkable is that you can form your own army and battle against other team in the base battle system. On the other hand, you can, through the base of the various facilities, produce a variety of units, upgrade their facilities tanks, military facilities and other elements of the defense wall, for the purpose of providing conditions for strategic fighting.

In this testing, the level cap is confirmed at level 30, players can form their own troops to carry out personal war, base war, ethnic war, and other team games.

About Animal Warriors:

Animal Warriors is a free to play 2d side scrolling mmorpg game where your can create your animal character with a humanoid figure. You can role play a lovely duck, a cagey fox, or mighty tiger to explore the adventurous world like in Maple Story, Dragnica Online. Learn more, visit its official website

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