Woogi World


Woogi World, a unique venue within the virtual social network, was created to teach a generation of elementary-age children to safely and effectively use the Internet to 1) enhance their academic skills, 2) build positive character traits, and 3) inspire them to work together to create a better world community.

The elementary-age children worldwide learn age-appropriate core educational content, essential 21st century skills, cyber safety and security, and responsible and ethical behavior that will yield academic success and the leaders of the future.

Kid-Safe & Moderated Environment

WoogiWorld.com is a safe interactive website environment that encourages children to learn, set and achieve goals, and appropriately interact with each other in a positive and fun online environment. Through the unique filtered chat features children are not allowed to ask for or give out any personal information including their age, address and phone number. The ultimate security force however, is the parent’s control of their child’s chat through the Parent Admin tool. Inside the Parent Admin tool the parent can review their child’s chat history, turn on or off the chat capability, and limit when and the amount of time a child can be online.

Chat Safety Training

The Chat Safety Training course teaches children what kind of language is appropriate online and what is not. It also teaches what to do if a child is confronted with a cyber-bully or Internet predator. Kids will learn how to use chat appropriately and will recognize what is appropriate conversation and what is not. They will have more confidence in what they are writing and their computer skills as they use the safe chat program. Their communication skills will increase.

Internet Basic Training

The first thing that a new student must do to gain access to the higher-level features inside Woogi World is to pass the Internet Basic Training course. In this course they will learn through online and off-line games and activities to keep balanced, keep private, crash and tell. Kids will be taught the right tools that will empower them to make correct choices. It will teach them a guard and a defense against harmful content on and offline. Parents will have peace of mind knowing that their kids are in a safe environment learning correct principles.

Values Videos & Training

Woogi World takes children’s love to watch movies and turns it into an education opportunity. Here the child is able to go online and watch good and wholesome media that educates and uplifts. One of the buildings in the virtual community is a theater that has a variety of educational and fun videos to watch.

20 Level WW Progression

There are twenty levels on Woogi World starting with the “New Comer” and ending at “Universal Agent”. Throughout the child’s experience in Woogi World the child will be involved in activities that award points for completion. Each level that is completed will bring new accolades to the child. It will also open up new items and games all over Woogi World. It will be seen as a status symbol so kids will work hard to do what is required to get to these levels.

Financial Education

Saving money is an important skill that even many adults haven’t mastered. In Woogi World children will get first-hand exposure to the benefits of saving what they’ve earned. The Woogi Vault allows each child to have their own bank account to save their Watts. Their account accrues interest and allows them to make deposits to savings and withdrawals when they want to purchase something from one of the many stores in the virtual community.

Make Art & Music

The Woogi World Art Studio allows a child to paint and draw on blank pages or pre-designed templates all without making a mess needing to be cleaned up. With a simple interface, even the very young Woogi can participate in these activities. Once the picture is complete the child can hang it on the wall in the family center for others to see online or print it out for a “hard copy”.

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