Meetoto is a web-based gaming world which introduces a novel and exciting way to enjoy the fun of casual online gaming with the benefits of serious social networking. Targeted mostly at teenager and young adults, male gamers (called Meetoos) and female gamers (called Meetees) easily interact in a virtual world.

There are many things to do in the cities of Meetoto – Immerse yourself in this virtual world of your own! Every citizen in the world of Meetoto can play interior designer to their own apartment. Use costumes and other personalization options and let your Meetoo and Meetee become extension of your virtual personality.

Just like in the real world, shop and buy clothes, or visit the salon to change hair style. Earn meecoins, the currency of Meetoto, by getting a job playing casual games, becoming a performance star, or by just hanging out with your friends in game. Making an (in game) living has never been more enjoyable!

All you need is a web browser. The core of Meetoto is its world-class video and audio streaming technology delivered via Flash straight to your browser. Using advanced features, Meetoo and Meetee can showcase their talent and become a star in live virtual concerts using only a webcam and microphone!

In short, Meetoto is a web-based, anime-remixed, combination of Second Life and YouTube Live; where you can broadcast your world and your imagination. Best of all, there is no download client needed- any internet browser with Flash installed will allow you to play Meetoto anytime, anywhere!

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