CTRacer Online

CTRacer Online is a free MMO racing game published by Gamenetworks. Featuring 3D environment, real city maps, creative drifting, and interactive guild system, you will never race alone, even you could experience the multiple battle events on non-linear tracks designed on realistic road grids, and the game introduces RPG elements for the tuning, sales and exchange of cars.  In CTRacer Online, you can customize your appearance and personalize and decorate  your cars, and choose a challenging race track to race with your friends. Better drive your Porche convertible.


Realistic grid-based street map of Seoul

Online community elements for chatting and match-ups

Separate “Cafe” for communicating and dealing with other players

RPG-like car tuning, with optimized Tuning Tree and various ranges of tuning levels

Both normal and battle drive races based on different cars and tuned levels

Sub battle races on a locked course for straight-ahead racing

Guild features to establish teammates and design guild emblems

Item shop with 6 types of tunings and 14 parts (both cosmetic and performance-based)

Trade items with other players

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