Empire Craft: Avoid This Game Like the plague

Empire Craft is a Chinese browser online game operated by Beijing-headquartered office.  The game should have been running smoothly, the truth is  gamers who ever played this game complaint much about the game mechanism. Below is a excerpt regarding the game.

This game is fun but far too slow and you do not get what you pay for. They will try and persuade you to buy diamonds at a stupid rate and you get very little for them. A complete waste of money and my advice is to steer well away.

This game is Chinese and all they are interested in is taking your money anyway they can and giving nothing back… they try to suck you in deeper and deeper and you cannot progress without things unless you buy them and if you do the end result is rubbish. They then merge servers and take away everything you have worked for so keep well away!

All the positive feedback that they get is from their own developers and employers pretending to be real players and they stiffle all criticism on their forums.

AVOID ALL OTHER GAMES FROM THIS DEVELOPER as all they will do is screw you as they have so many others before you!


If you have any sense at all, you will go and find another game to play which is just as much fun and whose sole object is not to screw you out of your hard earned cash………..

This game is run by a bunch of thieving, greedy Chinese developers who have no interest other than lining their pockets….. Go and play a game like Warcraft which is solid and has good customer service as well as being fun to play…. Empire Craft is just a knock off anyway as are most things Chinese… these guys don’t invent, they copy so go and play the original!

While we are publishing this article just for information distribution,  It does not represents our editor’s opinion, nor do  Softmmo.com website agree to this commentary.

5 thoughts on “Empire Craft: Avoid This Game Like the plague

  1. Andrew (Malshun)

    100% accurate. The makers of this game only want money, money, money although it purports it’s self to be a “free game”. Now if you don’t want to fork out massive amounts of your own money to successfully play a free game then by all means play for a couple of weeks until you are big enough to be farmed by someone that’s played longer. If you don’t throw down massive amounts of money early on you have little to no chance of being successful unless you can outlast the farming and slowly build yourself up over a long period of time.

    I also play Fallen Sword referrer link: http://www.fallensword.com/?ref=889411 This is also a free game that “accepts” donations for points used to upgrade your character but you can also easily get points from the game itself or transactions with other players so you can be successful without donation. And, did i mention that the games creators engage the players through the forum and in game for feedback and tweaks and improvements. They understand that those that “donate” pay their bills and would leave in droves if they were not assessable.

  2. hitman17

    You have very valid points, BUT people who pay, do it at their own expense. This is only an online game, something that people eventuallly stop playing, but if they want to waste their money on a temporary thing, then they are free to do so. Yes, the EC support team is nowhere as good anymore. Way back when i first started playing, the support was excellent. They were on all the time and helped everyone out. But, what happened was that about 2 months ago, the staff was replaced. All the GM’s still have the same display name, but they are different people now. Okuda was a very helpful admin, but she left:( Now, Tony is an admin (he is still good too). I don’t think you should try to bring this game down so much because it really is a great game, and yes, it is slow, but then again its not…..a big army in EC is around 10k troops. That took me about 300 hours to get. Now, everyone compares EC with Evony. Well is Evony that much faster or better? Oh, yeah, you can get 10k troops in like a min in Evony….but thats REALLY weak…..EC is not that slow to grow big.

    @ satanandrew – You can reach EC staff easily. I mail GM’s and talk to them on a daily basis. Not about the game, but about normal stuff. And dont bring us mods into this (yes, I am an EC mod). We are not payed members of the staff. We are normal players like everybody else that know an exceptional amount about the game and just answer questions on the forum and keep it clean. We are spread across the world so we are obviously not Chinese, and we are able to be on at all hours of the day so we are the ones who do alot for the players and help them out.

  3. Andrew (Malshun)

    @satanandrew, hilarious.
    @hitman17 sure a game mod would have a better chance of getting a hold of GM’s but the bigger issue is they only want money. they don’t care a bit about the player base. you can’t refute that statement. Mod’s have no real power to do anything other than mod the games forum and play the game from what i can garner. the actual is staff is smoke and mirrors as they are only interested in grinding out new worlds/servers to entice the same people that might have started later than others a chance to spend big bucks dominating a new server/world.
    I’ve played several free with donations games and this is one of the worst for customer service. the only care for the player base is how much money the can get out of them.
    i challenge you and anyone that agrees with you to play http://www.fallensword.com/?ref=889411 and view the forum and check out the support site and see what a difference a group of dev’s that care about the player base is like.

  4. illyrian

    hitman as a developer u can say everything but you will still keep their side.

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