List of 3D browser web games

From low-cost 3D video game, mmorpg download-able game, browser web game to free to play payment models, mmorpg offers a thriving wave of gameplay options. As the mmo game market is so huge, players seeking to play 3d browser game need to take a long and hard search via google, yahoo, or other search engines.  As a result, this game list is featured at the propitious time.  This part only features some best browser games or 3D browser web games.

1, Edragon

Edragon is a free 3D massively multiplayer online game where you role play to quest with thousands of players,

The browser web  mmo earth eternal is created by Sparkplay Media, is a unique and animal-themed race game aged for 16 – 25 .  The game, which is currently in open beta, is unique because it can be run directly as a downloadable title as well as a browser based gameplay experience.


2 Poisonville

Poisonville is a “Free Roaming Action MMORPG” running directly from a browser without additional plugins or downloads.

Poisonville is a fictional American city where crime and corruption are daily business. The city is divided between four gangs who crave for domination and the Police has a hard to time to keep the order, mostly because they’ve been paid to look the other way.

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3 War Machines

The beta version of the new free online game War Machines was recently released by the German-based Bigpoint. In War Machines, You play as a mercenary, and your first goal is to destroy enemy forces on the island of your faction, and Loot minerals to upgrade your vehicles.

4 Pirate Galaxy

Pirate Galaxy is a space combat game set in the distant future. Board your starship and join thousands of other players as you fight to break free from the tyranny of ruthless alien oppressors. The actionpacked 3D dogfights on exotic planets provide breathtaking excitement, while the easy to learn controls keep the game fun and accessible.

5 Tanki Online

Tanki Online is a massively multiplayer online action game based on Adobe Flash technology. Players fight each other online, earning money and advancing their careers, with their tank! There are many armors, weapons and bonuses available. Players create deathmatch or team battles, and communicate each other to achieve their goals

6 Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online is a web based sports game with several world class championship courses, such as Pebble Beach, TPC Sawgrass and St. Andrews. In addition, a fully stocked schedule of tournaments and multiple community features, allowing fans to connect and compete with friends, makes Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online a community for all golf fans.

7 FusionFall

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall is a browser-based virtual world developed with the Unity 3D tool set.It takes all of the best Cartoon Network characters and re-imagines them in an anime-inspired style, then sets them in dynamic new environments. Players create their own in-game avatars and battle alongside their favorite cartoon characters to save the world from an epic alien invasion.

8 FreeRealms

Free Realms is a fun, whimsical virtual world filled with dynamic gameplay and compelling content for everyone, especially families. It brings to life a whimsical virtual world where gamers can explore, compete, raise pets and socialize. This exciting game is a new way for PC gamers to connect online in a safe, online, family-friendly environment. Free Realms offers a wide variety of gameplay mechanics, including exploration, combat, race car driving, pet raising, mini-games and social networking.

9 Quake Live

Created by id Software as an all-new way to deliver the excitement and energy of first-person multiplayer action to a broader audience than ever before, QUAKE LIVE offers game players of all skill levels a totally free and easily accessible multiplayer game and community through a single website at

10 Smeet

sMeet is a 3D virtual world where you can chat with your old friends and new friends in 3D, where you can watch videos, listen to radio, take part in quizzes and competitions, broadcast your own TV or Radio Show and meet the stars and celebrities, and where you can personalize your avatar to your own taste and become how you always wanted to look. Check out the fashionable collection in our sMeet shop.

11, Gilfor’s Tales

Gilfor’s Tales is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game completely available through your web browser. Gilfor’s Tales is developed using in Flash 9 and rendering 3D graphics. Gilfor’s Tales is browser-based, Flash 3D MMORPG. The Game is set in a fantasy world, full of sinister enemies, dangerous quests and thrilling adventures.

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12 shakes and fidget the game

Shakes and fidget the game, a super flash browser role playing mmo game to the legendary comic, recently got an English version to global users. In Shakes & fidget the game, you could create your own hero and immerse into a dangerous world full of monster rabbits and hell brides, master exciting adventures or mash other players in the arena, gain experience and honor, win gold and found a guild with your friends, squander your gold for new, wicked equipment – from a real sword to a fake mustache!

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